About Us

Ön Metal casting, one of the producers in Europe with the broadest product range with regards to boiler casting, carries out production at the highest level and standards through its foundries with cutting-edge technology, experienced research & development and production team. Its head office is located in Istanbul and the company has a high boiler production capacity with its continuous new machinery and automation investments made in the modern production facilities located in the 10,000 square meter indoor area within the Edirne Organized Industry region.

Our product range consists of boilers operating with all kinds of fuels. The raw materials used in the production can be listed as cast iron, sheet metal and aluminum.

For more than 25 years, tens of thousands residences within Europe, Middle East, the Balkans and Russia have been getting heated through Ön Metal casting. The Company exports to more than 30 countries; and produces boilers and casting segmented exchangers under its own brand name for various organizations within Turkey and abroad which are the leading companies of the heating industry.