Our History

Mücait Öngör, after combining his education on modelling with a mastership on foundry, installed Önmetal Döküm in 1969 as a model workshop. The company started it activities in the foundry sector in 1980 by casting parts for the automotive industry. The fact that the natural gas heating boilers have increased following commencement of use of natural gas in Turkey leaded the company to take a strategic decision in 1993 and start producing the first cast iron boiler with its own unique design and therefore step into heating sector.

After this, it became producer of many different cast iron boilers that can operate with different types of fuel. Following its path with the motto of continuous improvement, the Company as a result of projects regarding producing more environmental and more productive goods, has started its Research & Development activities in 2007 for manufacturing condensing boilers with aluminum casting exchanger. Our young and dynamic team following up innovations and legal regulations not only in Turkey but also throughout the world and positioning accordingly has launched in 2011 the wall hung full condensing boilers between 70-190 kW capacity and in 2015 the high capacity floor standing boilers (220 kW-760 kW). Our team of engineers aim to relieve Turkish heating sector from external dependence and bring it to a further level in terms of technology and design. Within the scope of our ongoing projects mega boilers with 2800 kw and the first national casting combi boiler exchanger that is allowing for a faster and more efficient burning by keeping the surface area larger with a cylindrical burner can be listed.

The Company keeps growing every day with its own equity capital and 70% of its product sales are exportation.

Our products are designed under our Research & Development department, and launched to the market after being tested in our laboratories during all production phases. All our products meet CE, GOST-R and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) standards while our company holds ISO 9001 certificate and complies with the productivity, health, environmental protection and security criteria required by these standards.

The biggest aspire of Mücahit Öngör, who is the founder of our Company and aims to gain added value while growing at the same time, is to build a vocational high school and provide job opportunities for its graduates.

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Our Vision

Our corporate vision is to provide our customers with the best service with our strong technical staff and infrastructure that create values with sustainable productivity and performance through following up the technological developments in the World closely .

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Our Values

Rima Heating Systems embraces an understanding which ensures that the company complies with the laws, intra-company rules and business regulations with all its employees and works for the development of our society, which shows an appropriate approach in line with the work ethic, and which support our business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders for which we are responsible for embracing the highest ethical conduct standards. Moreover, our goal is to ensure continuous improvement in order to provide innovative solutions above the expectations of our customers regarding the products and services by understanding these expectations in the best way possible.

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Our Policies and Certifications

• To certify our quality management system to carry out the requirements of ISO 9001 standards, and further to obtain certifications from the countries of which we are the suppliers and comply with their requirements,

• To increase the productivity in our processes in line with the continuous improvement approach to a level that can compete at the international level and therefore to produce timely, complete and fault-free products for our customers,

• To allow all our stakeholders to convey their questions, demands and complaints to the company through our website pursuant to our transparency policy,

• To reach company and department goals with a team-spirit by taking the Total Quality approach as basis,

• To comply with the national and international standards, regulations and legal legislation to produce environment-friendly products based on continuous improvement,

• To ensure the sustainability of the energy sources by using them in the most productive way in all our activities,

• To organize training activities for increasing and improving the environmental awareness of our employees,

• To organize training activities for creating and improving awareness of occupational health and safety,

• To minimize the health risks that may arise in our production phases,

• To ensure continuous of our Quality Management System by managing it in an integrated way with the Environment and the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

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